An introduction to hiking

Exercising in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to improve your fitness, mood and sense of well being. The benefits of outdoor activity are supported by a large number of studies, so this is one of the many health benefits of hiking .

In addition, contact with nature is known to reduce stress and increase energy while increasing self-esteem, creativity, curiosity and problem solving.

Hiking is a great the choice. It is entertaining and can be practiced almost everywhere with very little equipment. Hiking allows a complete workout and improves cardiovascular health and endurance while strengthening the lower body muscles.

It adapts to the shape of everyone: length of the route, difficulty and intensity of the exercise. Hiking can be a simple walk in a park or climbing over high rock and mountain.

Do you enjoy adventure, freedom and diverse and varied landscapes? You will love hiking. In addition, it is a good way to exercise and burn calories. Discover all the benefits of hiking.

Hiking for fresh air

Nothing like a breath of fresh air to unpack and release his mind. Abandoning your bike for a walk in the middle of nature has only advantages. Discover new landscapes, recharge your batteries, feel your muscles work, and breathe … Hiking allows you to forget about your everyday life, to change your air and think of something else. All this restores morale .

Hiking for physical exercise

Hiking is an excellent initiative as part of a weight control approach . Walking is a complete physical activity that promotes calorie loss. The various obstacles encountered in hiking make it a very physical exercise. Besides climbing hills or walking on rocks improves balance and coordination .

The hike also makes the cardiovascular system work . By dint of training, one can improve its respiratory and cardiac fitness.

The hike to get together

Hiking not only improves physical fitness, but also lets you learn about yourself and others. Some prefer to hike alone , others go with family or group to be able to forge links. The two solutions are quite interesting. Be careful, if you leave alone, equip yourself with a communication device. At a beginner level, it is better to be accompanied.

Breaks are also pleasant moments to live alone or with others. The picnic stage is generally a step highly appreciated by hikers. It is also necessary to think about drinking throughout the day, and bring some dried or other fruits in case of small hunger.

Hiking to strengthen your mind

We also go hiking to develop his mind and learn to go to the end of his efforts! Perseverance and endurance are the key words. Once you get to the top for example, you have to go back to the starting point: impossible to cheat.

But the surrounding nature makes it possible not to focus on the physical effort, and to advance in good humor. Every good hiker does not forget to observe the fauna and the flora that surrounds it. And then, what a satisfaction to have arrived at the end of the course!